How do I create Compressed NFTs (cNFTs)?

By default, all digital assets created within a Project are cNFTs. We handle all the merkle trees, proofs, and canopies for you so they look and feel just like any digital asset.

How do I create Core NFTs?

If you would like to use the new mpl-core standard for digital assets, create a Core Project.

When using this dashboard, this means selecting Core as the Project type. When using the API, passcore: true into the request body.

How do I get the mint address when I create an NFT?

There are two options to get the mint address when you create an NFT:

  1. Poll the Retrieve an NFT endpoint with the returned NFT ID until the NFT is confirmed. It usually takes around a second for the NFT to be confirmed.
  2. Set up Webhooks that notify you when the NFT is minted and grab the mint address in your webhook handler.

When creating a cNFT, we handle storing it on a merkle tree for you. Because we don't know until it's minted where on the tree it is stored, we can't return the mint address with 100% confidence on the Create an NFT response. Core NFTs will return the mint address in the Create an NFT response.

Why can't I view my digital assets on SolScan / Explorer / FM?

Ecosystem support for cNFTs is still in the works and the only explorer that shows compressed NFTs is XRAY. We link out to XRAY in the Underdog Dashboard for you to easily view NFTs in a supported explorer.

Core NFT support is still in the works across all explorers.

Creator Royalties

How do I set creator royalties?

Creator royalties are determined by the sellerFeeBasisPoints value on the Project. When creating a Project, you can set the sellerFeeBasisPoints on the request body (e.g. 100 = 1%). Each NFT created in the Project will have its sellerFeeBasisPoints set to the Project-level value for sellerFeeBasisPoints.

Where do creator royalties go?

Each NFT has two creators: the Project account and the Org account. The primary purpose of the creators is for indexing (you can search for all NFTs by the Project account address or grab all NFTs in your Org).

The Project account receives 100% of the royalties and can be claimed via API endpoint to your account. This feature is currently work in progress.

Can I add my own creators?

Unfortunately, you cannot set custom creators to your NFTs. However, you can distribute creator royalties as you see fit after they are withdrawn from the Project account.

Soulbound NFTs

What if I want my compressed NFTs to be non-transferable / soulbound?

There is no built-in way for compressed NFTs to be non-transferable (a limitation of the foundational Bubblegum protocol for compressed NFTs). This means a non-transferable compressed NFT solution would require building your own Solana program.

However, we built Passport to allow you to with just our API and without a custom Solana program. Passport allows you to mint NFTs to any identifier (i.e. email, wallet address) and restricts transfers when the NFT is delegated.