Look up Projects and NFTs

Projects and NFTs support retrieval with search API methods. You can use the search APIs to retrieve your Projects and NFTs in a flexible manner. Using search is a faster alternative to paginating through all resources. To create a search query, review the Search Query Language and reference the query fields for Projects and NFTs.

Query structure and terminology

A query clause consists of a field followed by an operator followed by a value:

Query PartValue
clausename:"Underdog NFT Project"
valueUnderdog NFT Project

You can combine multiple query clauses in a search by either separating them with a space, or using the AND or OR keywords. By default, the API combines clauses with AND logic. AND and OR operators are mutually exclusive.


You can perform searches on attributes for both Projects and NFTs.

Use the following format to construct a clause for a metadata search: attributes.<field>:"<value>".

Search Syntax

The following table lists the synatx that you can use to construct a query.

:field:valueExact match operator (case sensitive)name:"Project #1"
ANDfield:value1 AND field:value2The query returns only records that match both clauses (case sensitive)name:Dog AND symbol:DOG
ORfield:value1 OR field:value2The query returns records that match either of the clauses (case sensitive)name:NFT OR symbol:NFT
~field~valueSubstring match operator (case insensitive)name~season returns matches for any object with season in its name
>,<field<value, field>valueGreater than / less than operatorsattributes.points>10 brings up objects where the points are greater than 10

Query Fields for Project & NFTs

descriptiondescription~"description of my project"